I had the pleasure of visiting your fantastic school along with the South Gloucestershire group of schools on Friday 13th June. Firstly, many thanks for a truly inspiring day. The welcome from you and the team and your willingness to share practice and engage in professional dialogue was refreshing and certainly helped my colleagues understand that CPD is not just going on a course. We are really looking forward to working with the group of schools to develop our practice and the visit has helped remind me of the value of the research. I will be using the ‘spiral’ approach at my school.

Last week we had the inspectors in and being able to articulate our vision for EYFS, along with the changes we have made following our visit to you, really helped us get the outcome we hoped we would get. It has given us the launch pad, and now time, to really commit to the model of improving practice you shared.

I know that anyone visiting you cannot fail to be inspired but I would like to assure you that I will not just magpie a few ideas. I was incredibly impressed with the detail and rigour behind the practice and provision, and, as the group of schools meet to develop our ‘project’, it will be my mission to ensure everyone remembers the importance of it.

What we saw and heard has already had an impact at my school and will continue to do so going forward.

Thank you so much to you and the team.

Conrad Hutton – Headteacher, Trinity CE VC Primary School