Our Art in Health sessions are led by Becky Churchill, a Specialist Artist trained in trauma and therapeutic approaches.

In these therapeutic art sessions, children and families have the opportunity to creatively explore and play at their own pace and in their own time. They can explore materials, develop art skills, reflect on different art forms and artists.

An artist’s view of the world is that everything can be a possible art material and that all ideas are important. Allowing children to become artistic explorers and see different possibilities, supports to develop resilience, independence, self-esteem, and become more confident in themselves.

Our art sessions are informed by research based practice and evidence – which focus on how powerful art and creativity is for our health and wellbeing. Being creative in what we do, and how we think, helps us become more resilient, sociable and thoughtful.

During the sessions ‘artful thinking’ is encouraged:

  • Why we do things
  • What do artists know and care about?
  • What can we see? How do artists see the world?
  • How can we describe it?
  • Let’s compare things
  • Making connections between things

Through being creative, children begin to trust that our world is a wonderful place to explore, live and grow.

We are all artistic explorers!