A Collaborative Review is facilitated by a member of The Harbour team to support school staff to reflect on a child’s strengths and needs, and gain a shared understanding of a child. It is most effective when all staff supporting the child attend the review meeting (this may include teachers, teaching assistants, SENCO and members of the school leadership team).

This solution focused approach aims to enable school staff to think about what they are noticing about a child and what might support them next.

A key part of The Harbour approach is gathering information from parents, the child and school staff around a child’s story and giving the time and space to support solution focussed discussions. For a Collaborative Review this information gathering is the responsibility of the school (unlike in a Formulation Meeting where this is undertaken by The Harbour team). The Harbour provides school staff with a format to aid gathering parent information, and ideas for gathering the child’s voice. Using these suggested prompts during a discussion with parents aims to elicit key information about a child, and ensure that the parent’s voice is heard and included in the Collaborative Review Meeting.