For support from The Harbour Programme to be effective, it is critical that there is engagement by schools and families in the programme. The Harbour Programme is successful when the adults involved with a child are provided with the time and space needed for reflection and planning.

Collaboration with Schools

  • Schools will identify the staff most concerned for the child (e.g. SENCo/Class Teacher), including those who also work most closely with the child (e.g. Teaching Assistants) and will provide appropriate time for these adults to engage with The Harbour Programme
  • Where a Harbour Formulation or Collaborative Review, is agreed, schools will enable at least two members of staff to attend these meetings meeting and subsequent reviews (which will be based at Castle Mead School)
  • Schools will regularly meet with parent(s)/carer(s) to feedback on progress their child is making. Where a Harbour Formulation for a child has occurred, the school will feedback outcomes from this meeting and from subsequent reviews

Collaboration with Families

Families will be directly involved with The Harbour Programme, when a Harbour Formulation is agreed.

  • Parent(s)/carer(s) will be available to meet with members of staff from the programme (typically an Educational Psychologist and Harbour Practioner) – usually this occurs at the family home before the Harbour Formulation Meeting and before any Harbour Reviews
  • All families directly involved with The Harbour will be invited along to The Harbour Family Sessions based at Castle Mead School
  • If a child is accessing inreach sessions at The Harbour, parents/carers are responsible for transporting their child to the sessions and attending if agreed
  • All families directly involved with The Harbour will be provided with contact information for a member of The Harbour Team