With the child at its heart, The Harbour Programme adopts an holistic partnership approach to supporting children with social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) needs. We work alongside the child’s family and home school to enable the child to succeed long term within mainstream provision.  For a number of children this will include directly working with them.

The Harbour programme focuses on building on a child’s strengths to support the development of their social and emotional needs to help them flourish. The basic needs of all children are to be safe, healthy and understood. At different stages of development children may need some support with understanding their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The programme is a collaborative approach bringing together information and views of key staff, parents/carers and the child themselves in order to have a greater understanding of a child’s strengths and needs.

Our principles are:

  • Child centred approaches focusing on their strengths in order to
  • Focus on developing the social and emotional skills of the child
  • Collaborative team approach involving parents/carers, school and Harbour staff.
  • Planning direct work with the child which may be carried out by Harbour staff,

For support from The Harbour Programme to be effective, it is critical that there is engagement by schools and families in the programme. It is successful when the adults involved with a child are provided with the time and space needed for reflection and planning. More information about our collaborative working expectations can be found here.

Download a one page overview of The Harbour to print, share with others, or refer back to later.

The Pyramid Model

The Harbour Programme uses a Pyramid Model of support, with all children beginning at the foot of the pyramid. Each child that the Harbour Programme supports will follow their own individual pathway through the programme depending on their needs and following the principles of the Harbour. The child can move up and down the pyramid depending on the support they need. This is agreed in partnerships with the family, school and Harbour Team. Find out more about children’s journeys in The Harbour Programme.